How much does it cost?

The cost of each tattoo varies; factors such as the size, colour or black & grey, time required and difficulty of the tattoo are considered when quoting each work of art. We will quote per job rather than per hour, that way you know upfront what you need to pay and gives us the freedom to take our time without costing you a fortune.

Does it hurt?

The short answer is yes, however there will be varying degrees of pain for every person. While many say it feels like minor sunburn that is bearable with very little discomfort, you will need to consider your own pain threshold, as well as the size, placement and design of the tattoo. But the good news is, we are known for our light hand.

Are tattoos safe?

Yes, they are perfectly safe if you are going to a reputable studio that are following all recommended safety procedures like us. At Studio 7, our main focus is to maintain the utmost hygiene. To ensure the artist’s safety, as well as your own you must be upfront and honest about any medical conditions you may have.

Can I swim or shower after the tattoo?

Once the tattoo is complete, after a minimum of 1 hour, you may shower using a mild, fragrant-free soap. Do not use a towel or cloth and let your tattoo air-dry as lint particles left in the wound can lead to infection. Do not swim or soak in a spa, bath or the ocean for about two weeks or until the tattoo has completely healed (showering is fine). If you do have to go swimming, make sure to wrap your tattoo up in waterproof material and clean it as soon as you are out with antibacterial wash and clean water, allow to air-dry.

How much time it takes for healing process?

Everyone heals differently, but we allow at least 2 weeks for the tattoo to heal. Please check our aftercare page or youtube video for more information on this. If you are doing tattoos in multiple sessions, they will be booked anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks apart to allow time for proper healing.

What is consultation? Are they required?

Consultations are appointments where you meet your artist in person to discuss your tattoo ideas. If you are still on the fence with your tattoo or need some artistic guidance, we highly recommend booking a consultation because you get the chance to discuss ideas, styles, placement, time, price, etc. for your tattoo design. Consultations are great because it allows you the chance to get to know your artist and get a feel for the shop before you book your tattoo appointment. Generally consultations are not required for small, straightforward tattoos, but are normally required for large scale tattoos like sleeves, back pieces, etc. If you’re unsure, just ask!

What is deposit ? Why is it necessary to pay deposit ?

Deposits are very essential in tattoo process. The deposit you pay depends on the amount you have been quoted for your tattoo. Deposits are necessary to book your tattoo appointment. Deposits ensure clients show up to their scheduled appointments and also go towards the time your artist will spend drawing your tattoo design and setting up for your appointment.

What is the minimum price at Studio 7 ?

Our minimum price is 2000INR, which covers all the supplies used for your appointment.

What is the minimum age for tattoos ?

In India, there is no specific rule or law for the minimum age to get tattooed. But keeping the international standards in consideration, we allow 18+ people by signing the consent form or 16-18 years old with family members to sign consent form to get tattooed at our studio.

Can I bring my friends to my appointment ?

Yes, you may bring 1-2 friends max. to your appointment. To ensure our artists have a comfortable amount of room at their station we are unable to accommodate more than two people for your appointment.

Can I see my tattoo design before my appointment ?

Yes you can see your tattoo design in between the period of your appointment booking day and your tattoo day. But, you need to come to the studio to see the design, we don’t share designs on any online platform. All drawings/sketches are shown at studio only. If there are any minor changes you’d like, they can but done there and then, no problem.

Do you take Walk-ins ?

Yes, but this depends on the Artist’s Schedule for the day. If you are interested in walk-in, please call the studio to enquire about availability.

If I need a touch up, what should I do ?

Get in touch with us. Generally our tattoos don’t need touch ups. But if it is required, touch ups are free within the first three months of the tattoo, so consider it on the house. If you feel that you need a touch up, send us the picture of the area that needs fixing.